WE HAVE SAVED Harley Clarke!

THANK YOU, one and all, for your energetic and tireless support!

On December 10, 2018, in a stunning and heartening reversal of previous decisions, City Council unanimously voted to not appeal the Evanston Preservation Commission. A demolition permit will not be issued. The money the Evanston Lighthouse Dunes group gave to the city will be returned. OUR public lake house is saved!!

Friends of Harley Clarke will now begin working with the city to fund maintenance of the building -- and begin formalizing and funding an adaptive re-use plan. 


Check out the Harley Clarke Documentry!

Introducing the Harley Clarke Documentary. This is a story about the people of Evanston, Illinois and their will to protect the places that make our community diverse, beautiful and meaningful -- despite great adversity.

Thank you to everyone who voted.

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The Preservation Commission on Harley Clarke:

On Social Justice & Equity:

On the Environmental Impact of Demolition:

The Mission of Save Harley Clarke

We are a local citizen-led group focused on the preservation of Evanston's only public lakefront building, the historic Harley Clarke home.  This historic landmark, and previous home of the Evanston Art Center, has already proven for over half a century its capacity to enhance our community.  We believe retention of this public asset and lakefront shelter would be a benefit to the whole community. 


Evanston Roundtable
Why Evanston Should VOTE YES to Save Harley Clarke


State Representative Laura Fine To City Council

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The Chicago Tribune Tells the City To Save Harley Clarke!

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- The Evanstonian

"We at the Evanstonian believe that the Harley Clarke mansion and grounds must be protected from demolition...When going to the ballot in November, keep in mind the history of Harley Clarke and recognize the potential for it to become a greater community space.

Vote yes for preservation."

The Alderman Who Say No To Demolition

Listen to what 3rd Ward Alderman Melissa Wynne and 7th Ward Alderman Eleanor Revelle had to say about demolition:

"I am deeply, deeply opposed to demolishing the building."

"The idea that we would send a bulldozer into this building is just shameful,"

 "...take a timeout, mothball the building, and wait for a better idea."

“We are rushing in haste to make a decision because we have a wealthy group of neighbors who have a good purpose, but whose money has a deadline on it,”

7/20/18: Demolition Revealed.

Left:  Represents the Donors of the pro-demolition.  Right:  Preservation supporters who signed City-wide petition.

Left: Represents the Donors of the pro-demolition. Right: Preservation supporters who signed City-wide petition.


The pro-demolition group, The Evanston Lighthouse and Dunes (ELD),  is a small group of 41 people that mostly live near-by.  While they have offered $400,000 dollars for demolition, they have not guaranteed to fund the full cost of deconstruction or provided details on its dune restoration promise.   Nor has the city explained how they intend on protecting the space from future developments.

"According to the bid estimates discussed in June, deconstructing the mansion could cost upward of nearly $600,000. That estimate did not include costs budgeted to fill and grade the property after the mansion comes down." - The Evanston Review

"The $400,000 proposed by the dunes group does not begin to cover the costs,"  “I don’t accept that; that’s a terrible way to act. That’s not smart government policy.” - 3rd Ward Alderman, Melissa Wynne

“We’re not prepared to offer a blank check."

- Nicole Kustok, Evanston Lighthouse Dunes group member

 This "bait and switch" technique could leave city tay-payers holding the bag and covering the remaining costs.

 Take a closer look the ELD Group's proposal