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Stories From The News


Save Harley Clarke
from The Evanstonian, ETHS Newspaper

Fate of Harley Clarke House and Garden Now on the Ballot
from The Cultural Landscape Foundation

The Fate of Harley Clarke
from Chicago Patterns

Evanston Moves To Raze Harley Clarke Mansion
from Crains 1Illinois

Evanston officials vote to demolish historic Harley Clarke Mansion
from Curbed Chicago

Harley Clarke Mansion advocates in Evanston get 3,300 petition signatures for November ballot referendum
from The Evanston Review

Aldermen Approve Amended Harley Clarke Demolition Agreement
from Patch Evanston

"Evanston plan to demolish Harley Clarke mansion: Public vision or hidden agendas?"
from The Chicago Tribune

Harley Clarke Demolition Donation Deal Comes Before Council
from Patch Evanston

Wake up, Evanston leaders. You've got a treasure on your hands. Don't demolish the Harley Clarke Mansion.
from The Chicago Tribune

Harley Clarke Mansion supporters rally ahead of Evanston City Council meeting
from The Evanston Review

Blair Kamin to Evanston: Don’t do it!
from Evanston Now

Evanston residents speak out against Harley Clarke Mansion Demolition
from The Daily Northwestern

Harley Clarke House on a slippery slope
from Crain's 1Illinois

That Old House
from Evanston Magazine

The Fight to Save Evanston’s Harley Clarke Mansion
from WTTW Chicago Tonight

Harley Clarke Goes Back Out for Bid
from the Evanston RoundTable

Lakehouse & Gardens Group Presents Plan for Harley Clarke Mansion
from the Evanston RoundTable

Not-for-Profit Group Proposes 'Evanston Lakehouse & Gardens'
from the Evanston RoundTable

State group places Evanston's Harley Clarke on endangered list
from the Chicago Tribune

Evanston's Best Idea for the Clarke Mansion: Lakehouse & Gardens
from the Evanston RoundTable

Next Steps for Harley Clarke Mansion
from the Evanston RoundTable

Evanston Lakehouse Group Hopes to Keep Clarke Mansion Public
from the Evanston RoundTable

Editorial: Keep the Clarke Mansion and Property for Public Use
from the EvanstonRoundTable

City’s response to Harley Clarke Mansion plan: A sigh of relief
from The Daily Northwestern

Committee discusses future of Harley Clarke’s fog houses
from The Daily Northwestern