Citizen-led Referendum Challenged!!! 

Public Hearing Tuesday 8/21/18, 4:00 pm

On July 25th, 2018, the first citizen-led referendum in a decade,  containing a whopping 3,300+ signatures was filed to put the question whether to preserve or demolish the landmarked Harley Clarke Mansion at Lighthouse Beach on the November ballot, and let the City know definitively how the people of Evanston feel about this special place.  

However, 3 objections were filed to attempt to undo all of our hard work and mute the voice of the people!

Read Objection 2

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The Truth about the Harley Clarke House 

There is a lot of misinformation about the condition and/or liability of Harley Clarke House, we decided put together a list of Myths and Facts to dispel the notion that house is anything short of magical.  Not to mention, solid as a rock.  

"The house...is structurally sound. And it’s rare architectural gem — potentially, a people’s gem." -Blair Kamin, Chicago Tribune

"Fate of Harley Clarke House and Garden Now on the Ballot"
- The Cultural Landscape Foundation

"Alderman Ann Rainey, of Evanston’s 8th Ward, is one of three members of the Electoral Board charged with considering the objections. E-mails obtained via FOIA requests also revealed that Rainey had solicited financial contributions from her constituents to strengthen the illusion of city-wide support for the demolition efforts by Evanston Lighthouse Dunes. An e-mail from Rainey to one constituent said:     

Although they have sufficient funds to finance the effort (things will definitely come up), they want to be able to say they have financial support from all the wards. Currently, short 8th and 3rd Ward so I am out beating the bushes for a few small contributions. Can your family help with a small donation? We have 2 so far Let me know.

Another e-mail from Rainey advised that the pro-demolition group should “conduct a campaign” and “get the troops out…this looks very bad,” noting that she had received more than 300 e-mails against destroying the Harley Clarke house and none in favor of demolition."