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"Evanston plan to demolish Harley Clarke mansion: Public vision or hidden agendas?" 

- Blair kamin, chicago tribune

"why do 41 so-called “concerned citizens” get to determine the fate of this historic home? Let all Evanstonians decide!"

- Rachel freundt, Chicago Patterns


- Ted Cox, Crains 1Illinois


Leaders in Support of Harley

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Chicago tribune's blair kamin

"Wake up, Evanston leaders. You've got a treasure on your hands. Don't demolish the Harley Clarke Mansion."

"The mansion...is a precious, irreplaceable architectural and cultural resource. Instead of exploring how to get rid of it, the city should be redoubling its efforts to save it.”

“It’s understandable that, after years of frustration, Evanston officials want to settle the mansion’s future. But that’s no excuse for expedient decision-making. Keep the mansion on life support until it can thrive.”

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Evanston's 7th Ward Alderman Eleanor Revelle

 “I rather talk about the plans to save it. And have this wonderful building that’s going to be renovated and repurposed for the whole community, into an environmental education center, a place for cultural events and special events. And it’d just be a wonderful amenity for the whole community.”

TED speaker and renowned architecture critic James Howard Kunstler on Harley Clarke:

“There aren’t enough things in our everyday world truly worth caring about, It would be a tragic blunder to remove this one…this is a magnificent building.”

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Jan schakowsky, Illinois congresswoman

“I believe that more time should be given towards trying to reach a resolution to preserve this historic building and make it open and accessible to the entire community. Both the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Landmarks Illinois have urged that Harley Clarke House not be demolished.  I understand that Evanston Lakehouse and Gardens has offered to pay for one year to maintain the building. This seems like a sensible solution - to step back and take a time-out from advancing the irreversible decision to demolish the building.”

 Bonnie McDonald, Landmarks Illinois

Bonnie McDonald, President of Landmark Illinois

"...Here we find it counter-intuitive that there may be discussion of demolition of it's own landmark."

"Our history and our heritage shouldn't be treated as a disposable nuisance."

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Evanston's 3rd Ward Alderman Melissa Wynne

"The idea that we would send a bulldozer into this building is just shameful,"

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Evanston's 6th Ward Alderman Tom Sufferdin


Blair Kamin on WTTW's Chicago Tonight

Q: “The argument is, isn't it in bad shape?”

A: “No, it’s not in bad shape. Structurally it is a sound building, according to respected engineers..."

Geoffrey Baer on wttw's
chicago tonight

 James Howard Kunslter, TED Speaker & Author

Evanston's 7th Ward Alderman Eleanor Revelle on ABC News

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Wake up, Evanston leaders. You've got a treasure on your hands. Don't demolish the Harley Clarke Mansion.
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